St. Ignatius College began its journey as a Jesuit secondary school in 2012, but its legacy as one of the oldest private secondary schools in Zambia. In 1976, Leopards Hill Secondary School arose out of a genuine and practical need resulting from a mid-70s government announcement that an estimated 100,000 students had failed to secure a grade eight place and would therefore be unable to proceed with further studies. Leopards Hill was a community school project aimed at not only providing educational space for students but also providing assistance to the government. By June 1980, the first students were enrolled with the belief that these students would in turn go out and serve their communities and by extension, the nation. The motto of this school was and will continue to be “learning for service of God and others”. Over the years, the school has not only played a significant role in providing spiritual, academic, and character formation to its students but it has also been responding to the developing needs of the community as a whole.