Students Shine at Zonal JETS Competition

Recently, the St Ignatius College JETS club participated  in the Zonal JETS Inovation competition for the first time in the history of the club. “As the Patron of the club I am very delighted to support of these innovative minds that never cease to amaze me,” says Mr. Blessings Mwansa, Patron of the JETS club. “With their powerful thoughts they will shake the world someday”.

The experience inspired and challenged most of the members towards developing an innovative mind and become a value-added person.

The innovation projects for two out of three of our participants, Natasha Ntembwa and Tamuka Gundu, were selected for further adjudication at regional level.

Name of Project: BIO-GAS STOVE




They say one mans’ trash is another mans’ treasure. This project gives us more than treasure; it gives us energy that can never be destroyed, as biogas is a renewable source of energy. This project started with the intention of developing a source of energy that can be used as a heat source for heating. The intention of this project is to develop a model stove that when developed can be a factional and efficient stove. It was my belief that this project was a necessity in this day and age because of the growing concern for our environment and the continuous degradation of our environment due to non-renewable sources of energy.