Message from the School Principal

As was ordained by Ignatius of Loyola almost three centuries ago, we at St Ignatius College of Lusaka, in Zambia, believe that a high-quality education is the best path to meaningful life of leadership and service to humankind.

We understand that for us to impart complete or holistic education towards successful formation of our attendants, liberal arts, natural and social sciences and performing arts, should link with all other branches of knowledge, that are powerful means of developing leaders with the potential to influence and transform society.

The above is in line with the Society of Jesus’ Mission which is rooted in the belief that a new world of justice, love and peace needs educated individuals of competence, conscience and compassion which make them ready to embrace and promote all that is fully human.

We emphasise the establishment of a clear purpose, the development of a well-rounded Christian person of competence, conscience and compassion which will empower our scholars to be of service in the world and become generous in their internalised contributions to the wider world.

We believe in the accommodation of multiculturalism and diversity in the imparting for Ignatian Education knowledge. We affiliate our educational philosophy to the historical call of Jesuit education which has been successful across many cultures because it adapts to the environment of the learner.

The foregoing is what has enabled Jesuit education to continue embracing change in appropriate ways by ensuring that it meets the needs of modern-day students and develop young men and women who, themselves will strive to contribute meaningfully to the sustenance of a greater global village and being able to excel into profitable bright futures.

Our prayerful team of educators is committed to working for the freedom and dignity of all students who are willing to embrace Our Ignatian Values, which make it easy for all graduates to cooperate with people from all walks of life.

Our principal pedagogical goal is to produce graduates who will illuminate the light of the Christ as the God-Human and be able to dedicate their lives to the reformation of a justified society.


Mwangala H. Kwalombota