Message from the School Principal

Firstly foremost, the academic management team would like to take this heartfelt privilege to remind our students, teachers and parents about the qualities of and Ignitian student upon graduation.  Upon graduation, an Ignitian is:

  • Religious;
  • Intellectually competent;
  • Physically fit;
  • Loving;
  • Open to growth and
  • Committed to Justice.

Molding students with these qualities is what our outstanding team of gallant teachers, administrative office staff, counselors, Jesuit ethos, school nurse, and general workers are working hard to actualize in each one of our 350 students, so that they can become educated for the service of God and others. Our Ignitian pedagogical approach through the Academics pillar, Sports pillar and Ignitian Spirituality pillar complement each other to produce such a graduate. 

We would also like to reminder to our esteemed students and parents on the Academic Probation which is an important aspect of our college’s academic value stream as enshrined in the school student behavioral policy. Academic probation means that promotion to the next grade is not automatic. Considerations on effort in Continuous assessment tests, homework, class exercises, note taking,     book condition, absenteeism, examinations and discipline are taken into account. A lazy and non-performing learner will be returned to his/her parents/guardians and transferred elsewhere. All students and parents at St. Ignatius College have consented to this probation.

In view of the foregoing, we encourage all students to continue working hard. We thank and congratulate those students who have so far continued working hard and are on track. Those that have exceeded College expectations will be given academic awards. To those students who lagging behind, we encourage you work hard. There is still a lot of time for improvement. You are your own competitor.

Further to the foregoing, our outcome based approach expects each student to have set academic goals with the help and participation of their parents, and communicated them to the College through their class parents. These goals constitute an academic performance contract for each student and a basis for working. We appeal to our parents to support our students in this endeavor as we journey with them.

We continuously thank our esteemed parents for their continued support in this journey of excellence.

Ms Mary Chanda Bishonga