Message from the School President


Saint Ignatius College, with the Society of Jesus, and collaborators around the world, celebrates 500 years of St. Ignatius’s conversion under the theme “To see all things new in Christ. St. Ignatius, a patron of the school, converted from a soldier defending the city of Pamplona in 1521 to a follower of Jesus Christ who made him ready to set the world on fire.” After the conversion, he wanted to make the world a better place and win souls for God; thus, his desire to help other people experience God’s grace, love, and providence increased day by day.

Influenced by St. Ignatius’ conversion, we want to see a world where everyone is protected and helped to overcome the adversities of the world. St. Ignatius College teaches its pupils to learn “for the service of God and others” and be champions of justice by paying attention to the needs of others. Inspired by this pedagogy, this year’s bursary fundraising brought together students and parents to share the impact of inclusive education, and people of goodwill pledged funds to sponsor students who have lost their parents due to Covid-19 and pupils from vulnerable backgrounds.

No one should be left out from accessing the good education offered by Jesuits, a holistic education that forms “women and men for others”. Our work as a school is to form the consciousness of our pupils to fill with the poor; they have to be aware of the alienated, vulnerable, and estranged people of our society and then provide solutions to the problem.

2021 graduates exhibit the qualities of an Ignatian student. We are convinced that we have formed leaders who think with others. They are open to growth, committed to justice, intellectually competent, and compassionate. These qualities are part and parcel of St. Ignatius pupils; as a school, we are proud to see them grow. We see them learn from their experiences of success, disappointment, and failure through which they learn something about maturity and their personalities.

We say farewell to these wonderful young men and women and families. We wish them the best in life as they enter university studies and other human ventures. This year has not been easy for everyone; it has been a year of uncertainties, fear, and despair because of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, the school kept running with online classes; we kept the little spark of hope burning. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors who support the school with strategic directions. Ignatian pedagogy cannot be achieved without educators; they are key to its success.

Therefore, my gratitude goes to our teachers for making the mission of the Society of Jesus possible and enlightening the minds of our pupils; they are trainers of the leaders we want for our nations and world. Finally, I would also like to thank the management team as well as the non-teaching staff that administratively serve the school; we also thank our benefactors, the Parent, Teachers Association. Our school cannot function without your support. 


Fr. Maambo Choobe, SJ