At St Ignatius College, the underpinning philosophy of our leadership programme is the concept of serving leadership that finds its foundation in the Jesuit Leadership Principles of “self-awareness, ingenuity, love and heroism.” Chris Lowney, Heroic Leadership, 2005 Chris Lowney, calls the four pillars of success explained as:

At St Ignatius we believe that every girl and boy has the ability to lead, and therefore, each student is awarded a leadership tie in recognition of their role modelling and their influence as leaders and seniors in the College. There are a variety of areas where leadership is offered, and training is promoted through the Ignatian Leadership Course (ILC) programme. This is a weekly lesson where teachers and students alike grapple with the nuances of leadership, from self-awareness to team building, to heroic leadership and serving leadership, to mentorship. In addition the office of Ignatian Ethos, where discussions about leadership take place from Grade 8 to Grade 12, facilitates lessons, once every two weeks. Leadership tends to be a buzzword in schools and in the corporate world, and what separates St Ignatius College from other schools is leadership in action, or taking the theory and putting it into practice. Leadership is offered in the following areas throughout the school:

Prefect training and prefectship

Immersion programmes


The service programme

Through our Leadership Programme we aim to teach balanced leadership grounded in honesty and integrity. The values espoused in leadership are those that will enable our students to be responsible citizens who act and behave with a sound set of personal morals, and thereby lead by example in their spheres of influence.