Ms. Kasanga Loyce

College Guidance and Councellor



St Ignatius College’s guidance and counseling department is divided into two distinct but collaborative branches: Academic Counseling and Personal Counseling. Their role is to support students both in and out of the classroom, direct students and parents to appropriate resources, and work with parents and teachers to create the best learning environment for each student. The counselors are available each school day from 7:10 am to 16:30pm.

Our Counseling Office

Personal Counseling

The Personal Counselor deals with personal or group counselling on matters with peer relationships, growth challenges as teens, family challenges in understanding teenagers, anxiety or stress reduction and bullying awareness. Counselling is done on strictly confidential basis. Others, e.g. teachers and parents, may be involved if the counsellor and student decide this would be helpful. Counsellors meet with all students individually as well as in group settings to discuss numerous topics including, but not the limited to academic expectations, standardized exam preparation, subject selection, anxiety/stress reduction and bullying awareness. They work closely with anti-bullying club.  The college challenges the students to stretch and grow.


Careers Day

Careers Day 2019

Academic Counseling

The academic guidance counsellor is available to offer academic counselling that deals with the student’s practical needs that is study skills, student-teacher relationship, subjects selection, career information, examinations and university selection. The guidance counselor gives grade 8 and 10 students to adjust to the rigorous demands of secondary school and senior secondary respectively. The counsellor meets students in Examination classes to work on standardized exam preparation, exam strategies and other tips are discussed. This is often done in conjunction with parents and teachers.

Much information on a variety of occupations, careers and institutions of tertiary education and training is kept in the department office. This is available to all, and all students are encouraged to spend time doing research and informing themselves. Each year variety of speakers from a variety of fields are invited to give careers talks at the college. The guidance counsellor is available for advice on career selection and courses of further study. Practical assistance is given with matters such as application procedures, compilation of a C.V, preparing for interviews and identifying possible sources of financial assistance.

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