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Entrance examination Form

Registration & Enrolment of New Pupils at St. Ignatius College

  1. How to apply
  • Paper application and online application: A hard copy paper application form will have to be filled in and submitted to the school. An on-line application shall also be available on our College website. Applicants must fill in the school application form before the child sits for the entrance.
  • Documents from the applicant’s current school: Applicants must also provide the results for mock exams, Term Two end of term report card from their current school. The confidential teacher evaluation form must be filled in by the current school and be submitted to our school.
  • Take the entrance test: St Ignatius College uses entrance tests as one piece of holistic review of application. The entrance test results alone are not the primary determiner for admission.

There is also a fee charged for writing the Entrance test which is payable on the return of your completed entry documents.

  • Recommendation from your Church: Ignatius College is a faith- based school. Applicants are required to submit a recommendation letter from a Church they belong to. For Catholics, a baptism card and recommendation letter from the parish priest will suffice.
  • Admission: Round One: The first round of admission takes place early before the G7 and G9 results are out for the applicants who have met the above criteria especially those who have impressed in the assessment test and have very good Term II results, and or mock exams. Students who meet the basic requirements for acceptance but were not accepted on the first round of admissions are placed on the “Second selection.” For Grade10 students, returning students who have been in good standing with the vision and ethos of the school have an automatic entry if they meet the requirements. Students coming from other schools will have to follow the laid down procedures.
  • Round Two: Round Two selection considers applicants who did not score 50 % and above in our school entrance exams. The admission committee will consider the Grade 7 the ECZ results together with the entrance exams and the Grade 7 term II results for students applying for G 8 entry. Those who do not qualify after considering Grade 7 ECZ results will be placed on a Waiting List.” For students applying for G10 from other schools, the same procedure and requirements will apply.