Debate Contest against Pestallozzi Secondary School

On the 30th  May 2019 our school held a debate contest whose motion was ‘Co-education schools are better than single education schools’.

The contest was between the visiting school Pestalozzi and St Ignatius College . Pestallozzi  was proposing while St Ignatius was opposing the motion .

The aim of the contest was to motivate and arouse interest of the pupils to enhance public speaking skills and also to make them join the Debate Club.

Battling it out were the following pupils :



From St Ignatius College                                                                        From Pestallozi Secondary School  

  • Rosemary Mbao                                                                                                            Mapalo Thewo 
  •  Edina Ngalasa                                                                                                              Natasha Ntembwa
  • Daniel Lumbu                                                                                                                Monica Mudenda
  • Emmanuel Chanda                                                                                                        Chilala Like


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