St Ignatius College remains committed to keeping its boarding facilities open for a maximum intake of about 110 boarders (20 girls and 90 boys).  Plans are underway to upgrade and maintain our dormitories, shower and ablution blocks, as well as the boarders’ study places.

Boarding at St Ignatius College should be considered a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. Before any learner is accepted into boarding, the boy or girl and his/her parents will be interviewed by the Boarding Patron /Matron. In the first instance, however, all applications for boarding must be addressed to the College Principal. Once the boys have been admitted into boarding, we seek to establish and maintain the closest possible links with the boys’ and girls’ families.

Our aim, first of all, is to create and maintain an environment for the young where they can feel at home. As a Catholic and Jesuit-run school, we take cognisance of every pupil’s ‘three dimensions; that is, his physical and intellectual potential, as well as his spiritual needs. We aim to create a happy, peaceful and serene atmosphere where, as a result, the boys and girls will flourish in the classroom and in their extramural activities.

Junior boarders (Grades 8 & 9), and seniors, (Grades 10, 11 & 12) have separate boarding facilities. Boarding is currently managed by the Boarding Patron who resides at college campus assisted by Assistant Boarding Patron and Matron, as well as prefects known and trusted for their sense of responsibility and qualities of leadership. A Boarding Committee headed by the Boarding Patron runs and makes decisions pertaining boarding operations. With large numbers living in relatively close quarters and frequently interacting with each other, we emphasise the values of such virtues as punctuality, manners, personal cleanliness, tidiness, respect and concern for other people’s lives and property, to name just a few.


  • The highest level of courtesy and consideration is expected from all learners towards all members of staff and fellow boarders.
  • Be familiar with the College rules and expectations of staying in the boarding house.
  • Bullying, stealing or obtaining goods or food by coercion from other learners is considered a serious offence and culprits will be expelled from boarding.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol or using illicit substances is banned and involvement in such activities whilst in the boarding house may result in expulsion.
  • You are allocated a bed and a locker and you are responsible for the bed and the locker for the entirety of your stay. Any damage will be charged to you.
  • You may only change beds or lockers with the permission of the Matron/ Boarding Patron.
  • Lights out at 22 00hrs and no noise between lights out and rising time.
  • Be on time for all College programmes including prep and meals.
  • Sunday Mass/ Prayer hour is compulsory and all must attend.
  • No learner is permitted to leave the site without permission.
  • No litter or rubbish is to be left lying around. If litter is dropped students will be expected to pick it up.  Persistent litter problems will result in learners being compelled to take part in organised litter picks.
  • Staff quarters and boarding houses of the opposite sex are out of bounds to all learners.
  • All learners are required to keep their boarding accommodation clean and tidy with beds made and facilities left in good condition.
  • No cooked food is to be brought into the boarding house and no food is to be consumed in the dormitories.
  • No phones or electronic items to be kept by students in the hostel.
  • If you are sick you must report to the Matron or the Boarding Patron and NOT stay in the dormitory without first gaining permission to be absent from school.
  • Follow the rotas set to ensure smooth running of the hostel.
  • There will be random searches of lockers and student possessions.
  • Visitors are allowed once a term on a Sunday from 14 00hrs – 16 30 hrs. Every visitor must produce an identity card in order to obtain a visitor’s pass. Staff members have the right to send away undesirable visitors. Only parents or guardian are allowed unless they delegated by letter that authority to another relative.
  • Learners must bring sufficient toiletries to last for a term. Permission for shopping will not normally be given during the term.
  • Students are obliged to report any incidents which break this code of expectations.