A reflection on Career paths by Alice Nyirenda, St Ignatius Alumni (Former Head Girl 2015)

My name is Alice Nyirenda, a medical licentiate by profession and the former head girl of St Ignatius College 2015 intake. This article explains my career path and my journey throughout society ever since I graduated from St Ignatius College, I hope I will be able to inspire a few people that will read this article.

As we are aware, St Ignatius College has annual Career’s Day were pupils get to dress according to their career path they would like to take in future. When I was in my junior high, I did not have any idea about my career path and I once dressed up as a footballer. Moving on to my senior years, with the help and guidance of St Ignatius College, I realised I loved to help people and I was very interested in the human body which of course made me start researching and having an interest in medicine.

When I was in grade 11, I started to volunteer at the University Teaching Hospital Zambia together with Fr Searson(one of the Jesuit Fathers). I was very happy to volunteer and learnt a lot from my experience. After I graduated in 2015, I was very sure I wanted to study medicine and I therefore, applied for a bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine which is a four-year course at Cavendish University Zambia. I started the course in 2017 and completed last year in 2020 and will be graduating this year in November. During this course I realised I wanted to advance to medicine and surgery as I got interested in surgery as well as obstetrics and gynaecology during my clinical clerkship at Kabwe Central Hospital. I noticed how I loved to work in theatre and how much I loved seeing people happy after a successful surgery. This is why I decided to advance my studies in Medicine and Surgery at Cavendish University and I am currently perusing another degree in Medicine and Surgery. In the next five years, God willingly, I will be a holder of three degrees and will be Medical doctor by profession. My final destination will either be a Urologist or a Gynaecologist depending on the decision I make.

Most pupils are confused about career paths and their journeys in future, but I would love to encourage you to take an interest in what makes you happy and most importantly, what you love to do. In future, always imagine yourself going to work and doing what you love, can you imagine how much joy you’d have? It’s understandable to be confused about what career you want to pursue because of the diverse offers of paths one can take, but with the help of St Ignatius College you’ll be guided on the right path.

I am proud to say St Ignatius College has and will always be my foundation to the person I am now. I was guided into the right path and carried my leadership qualities in society. I pray that students will choose great career paths and will make a great impact on society in the near future.


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